Honorary Committee


Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli

Italian politician, former President of the Economic and Social Committee.


Jean-Claude Trichet

French senior civil servant, former President of the European Central Bank.

Jacques Santer

Jacques Santer

Luxembourg politician.

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

Irish politician, first female President of Ireland, former High Commissioner for Human Rights,...


Hans-Gert Pöttering

German politician, member of the CDU and the European People's Party. Former President of the...


Catherine Lalumière

French politician, former Member of the European Parliament, former Minister, former Secretary of State.


Jean-Claude Juncker

Luxembourg politician, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, former President of the European Commission,...

Felipe Gonzalez

Felipe Gonzalez

Spanish politician, former President of the Government.


Emilio Gabaglio

Italian politician and Christian trade unionist.

Jacques Delors

Jacques Delors

French politician, member of the Socialist Party, former minister, former president.

Enrique Barón

Enrique Barón

Spanish politician, member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, former minister, former.


Hélène Ahrweiler

French academic and historian of Greek origin. She comes from a family...


Philippe Laurette

Philippe Laurette became involved in associations in favour of Europe at a very young age. He has been a member of the European Parliament since the beginning of his career.
Honorary Committee in memoriam
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