Citizens, equality, rights and values

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Encouraging women's participation in times of pandemic


The Jean Monnet Association is involved in this European project as part of the European Commission's "Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values" programme.

The project partners :

The project is a response to the human and social crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic in recent years.
This initiative aims to explore the effects of the pandemic on democratic debate and the enjoyment of basic human rights, with a particular focus on women, whose vulnerabilities have been amplified by the crisis in various studies. The themes explored are the following:

  • the increase in violence against women
  • passive participation in civic life
  • education-related issues
  • women's employment and gender equality

The project aims to reflect on these issues by sharing with a panel of women in the partner countries and beyond, to strengthen their active participation, to provide them with opportunities, to share expertise between institutions and organisations, to create a transnational dialogue and to strengthen citizens' awareness of rights and values.

Project website : https://www.enenwomen.eu

For this project, the Jean Monnet Association has teamed up with the AJC association which fights for the rights of victims of domestic violence.

(This project is realized with the support of the city of Bazoches sur Guyonne)

Violence, Inequality, Precariousness, Employment

The findings
The figures


  • 40% increase in reports of domestic violence during the first containment and 60% in the second
  • 10% increase in violence recorded on the first containment
  • 30% of victims of domestic violence report that the violence first occurred during confinement

Personal life

  • 83 % of women living with children spent more than 4 hours per day (57 % of men) and 6 % between 2 and 4 hours per day (19 % of men)
  • in 78% of cases, women were involved in childcare (the father in 55% of cases) while schools were closed
  • 64% of women report having given up a medical procedure they needed, compared to 53% of men
  • 58% of female employees reported being in psychological distress and 26.5% of women under 35 declared themselves to be tired compared to 14.5% of men

Professional life

  • Mothers gave up work twice as often as fathers to look after their children (21 % versus 12 %)
  • 55% of men versus 43% of women have access to a dedicated telework space in the home
  • 63% of self-employed women stopped working during the first lockdown, twice as many as men
  • 48% of women teleworkers were confined to one or more children compared to 37% of men

Inequality and Precariousness

  • Over-representation of women in front-line jobs :
    • 95 % of childminders, domestic workers, home helpers and housekeepers
    • 91% of Health Care Assistants
    • 87% Nurses
    • 73% Maintenance workers
    • 76% cashiers and salespersons
    • 71% teachers
  • 41% of women under 65 reported that their income had decreased since the first confinement
  • More men were increased over the period
  • The precariousness of women, especially single parents, has increased:
    • 9% of additional applications to the CAF
    • 18% of over-indebted households are women in single parent situations

Sources: CREDOC, OECD, INSEE, Ministry of the Interior, Oxfam, Fondation Jean Jaures, APEC



22 February 2023

The Jean Monnet Association, represented by Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos, Vice-president, and Alberto Lorente, Member of the Board, took part in the meeting to launch the EnEnWomen project.

15 April 2023

The Association Jean Monnet organised a conference at the Maison Jean Monnet,  a meeting which brought together 30 people to analyse the situation of women during the pandemic and how this health crisis has affected them in terms of their rights, participation in the democratic process, access to employment and education, and the increase in gender-based violence. Mission accomplished, with a very good turnout of representatives, experts in the field and players from local and Parisian organisations working on gender equality initiatives and defending the rights of this group.

25 April 2023

Coordination meeting with the Jean Monnet Association, represented by Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos, Vice-president, and Monica Radu from the Board, to take stock of the activities that each partner has carried out this month, such as the one organised on 15 April at the Maison Jean Monnet to analyse the situation of women in times of pandemic and how this health crisis has affected them in terms of rights, participation in the democratic process, access to employment and education, as well as the increase in gender-based violence.

22 June 2023

Alberto Lorente, member of the AJM Board of Directors, took part in the online coordination meeting for the EnEnWomen project. The meeting addressed issues such as defining the dates and characteristics of the next international meetings, as well as monitoring the activities carried out at local level by the various project partners.

7 July 2023

to 9 July

Represented by vice-president Monica Radu, the AJM took part in a study visit to the EnEnWomen project in Bucharest, Romania, to observe good practice in the protection of women's rights. In particular, the "Santa Maria Centre", which offers refuge to women with children, and the "Filia Centre", which organises awareness-raising and training campaigns on gender-based violence, were observed. Also of interest was a visit to the University of Sport, where many young female students are involved and where it is possible to see the benefits that practising sport can offer to women and minors who are victims of direct and/or assisted violence. A compendium of best practices and methodologies to help women achieve independence will soon be compiled.

16 November 2023


The AJM welcomes its partners for three days of study and meetings.
This session is split between Paris and Houjarray at the Maison Jean Monnet.

We welcome our friends with a first Beaujolais evening at the Cercle National des Armées.

17 November 2023


The morning of the 17th is devoted to a visit to the women of the Panthéon and Jean Monnet, and the afternoon to workshops at the Maison de l'Europe in Paris.

18 November 2023


The Maison Jean Monnet will be welcoming us for two days.

19 November 2023


23 - 25 February 2023


The Jean Monnet Association is taking part in the 3rd International Meeting and Workshop on "Women's Empowerment, Social Skills and Emotional Education" in Molfetta, Italy, from 23 to 25 February, with the aim of promoting gender equality and combating gender-based violence.

The Association Jean Monnet is represented by Angela Corjos and Julia Mariau, members of the Board of Directors of the AJM, and Cathrine Martin, Erika Zamora and Antonietta Siotto, members of the Board of Directors.AJC Association de France- Pour les Droits dans la Lutte contre la Violence Intrafamiliale (French Association for Rights in the Fight against Domestic Violence).

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