Yo-Wo - February 2023


3 March 2023

Today we are in Pobla Llarga, Valencia, for the first working meeting of the Yo-Wo Cities Network project (Young Workforce - Youth and Gender Equality for Europe's Welfare) as part of the European CERV programme (Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values).

We present the work of the project's partner organisations and coordinate the launch of the network and the forthcoming activities and events in 2023 and 2024. We begin the meeting with a presentation on European values, the history of the EU and the importance of Jean Monnet in the process of European integration.

The project partners are La Pobla Llarga Town Council (Spain), the Bulgarian Youth Association (Bulgaria), CARDET (Cyprus), the Velenje Youth Centre (Slovenia), Rhenen Town Council (Netherlands), Ujszilvas Town Council (Hungary), the Autokreakja Foundation (Poland) and the Jean Monnet Association, represented by Board members Monica Radu, Alberto Llorente and Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos, in collaboration with the Yuste Foundation, a strategic partner of the Jean Monnet Association.

The project, led by La Pobla Llarga Town Council (Spain), aims to raise awareness and reflect on youth employment in Europe and gender disparities.

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