18-20 of the AJM States and terrorism


17 March 2017

The "18 - 20 hours" of the Jean Monnet Association:

 The Jean Monnet Association is keen to develop debates on Europe, both its achievements and its limitations, and to discuss the European projects to be undertaken. As part of its "18-20h" series of debates, the Jean Monnet Association is organising a conference on the theme of terrorism in Europe. For its first event of 2017, the Jean Monnet Association invites you to a debate on Wednesday 22 March 2017 on the theme of "How do European countries react to terrorist threats?
The deadly attacks in Paris (January and November 2015), Copenhagen (February 2015), Brussels (March 2016), Nice (July 2016), Berlin (December 2016), etc. have highlighted the reality and scale of the terrorist threat on European territory. They also raised the question of the European response to this threat. The Union must work to ensure a high level of security through coordination and cooperation between police and judicial authorities in its member countries, through enhanced joint European action on security, through concrete measures at European level. But this can and