EU Presidency Meeting Cycles


4 August 2015

In 2011, the Jean Monnet Association inaugurated the Cycle of meetings with the Ambassadors of the countries holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union by inviting them to a conference-debate at the Maison Jean Monnet (Bazoches sur Guyonne, Yvelines) - a symbolic place of European construction and property of the European Parliament.

 The aim of the meeting is to shed light on the country that presides over the destiny of Europe and to present its vision and priorities for the EU. Highlight of the event, Houjarray maintenance which gives the floor to the Ambassador representing the Member State holding the EU Presidency.

In this context, we received :


Ambassador of the Netherlands

11 June 2016
 SE Mr Paul DÜHR

Ambassador of Luxembourg

5 December 2015

SE Ms Sanita PAVĻUTA-DESLANDESAmbassador of Latvia
13 June 2015


SE Mr.Theodore PASSAS

Ambassador of Greece
19 June 2014

SE Ms Jolanta Balčiūnienė

Ambassador of Lithuania
14 December 2013



SE Mr Paul Kavanagh,

Ambassador of Ireland
27 June 2013



H.E. Marios Lyssiotis,

Ambassador of Cyprus
21 November 2012



SE Ms Anne Dorte Riggelsen

Ambassador of the Denmark 
12 June 2012



SE Mr Tomasz Orłowski,

Ambassador of Poland
3 December 2011

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