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Her Voice, Her Power, Our Future!


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Her Voice

His voice, his power, our future!

The project aims to increase women's participation in the adoption of local policies relating to gender equality and sustainability. Involving women in these processes would not only help to increase their civic activism, but also help to locate European initiatives such as the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the European strategy for equality between men and women, the new European Bauhaus and the European Green Pact. This project is being carried out with the support of the town of Bazoches sur Guyonne.


The objectives of this project are as follows

  • To promote the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the cities of the City Network, through collaboration and the exchange of good practice.
  • Promoting inclusion and equality between men and women in all areas of society, in line with the values of the European Union and the 2030 Agenda.
  • Promoting awareness and knowledge of EU citizenship rights, with a focus on the gender dimension and social inclusion.
  • To strengthen the capacities and skills of the cities in the City Network to tackle the most pressing global challenges, such as climate change, poverty and social exclusion.
  • To encourage cooperation and the exchange of experience between the cities in the City Network, in order to create synergies and maximise the impact of the policies and actions implemented.
  • Promoting innovation and research in key areas such as supercomputing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, with the aim of strengthening the EU's ability to compete in the global digital economy.
  • To promote the creation of sustainable and resilient cities that enhance the quality of life of their citizens and protect the environment.
  • Strengthening citizen participation and dialogue between the different players in society, with the aim of building a more inclusive and democratic Europe.

The participants:

L'AJC associationwhich campaigns for the rights of victims of domestic violence, is partnering the Jean Monnet Association on this project.


13th to 15th May


Gender equality and sustainability in Europe
1st meeting in Spain with our partner AJC.

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