Krzysztof Kohlmünzer


Krzysztof Kohlmünzer

13 April 2022

Board member since 2010

Current professional activity : International expert in management information systems (ERP) in the medical industry

Training : Graduate of E.S.I.T., Diploma in Teaching and German Philology (Jagiellonian University - Poland)

Main previous experiences : More than 15 years of international project management, implementation of financial and commercial management information systems, quality auditor, customer satisfaction programs, market research in Europe, normative studies and industrial property management in the medical field

Areas of expertise : Management of international projects, management of information systems, facilitation and management of change in organisations, Poland in the European Union, promotion of European identity and citizenship, Intrastat, EU VAT

Languages spoken : French, Polish, English and German 

Publications : From dream to reality; Poland's return to Europe - Bruylant (2007), Being European in the 21st century - Proceedings of the Franco-German-Polish symposium (2005),

Miscellaneous : Founder and President of the Association Euroconcepta signatory of the Spinelli Group, former President of the Association of Polish Engineers and Technicians in France, author and moderator of numerous conferences and presentations aimed at raising public awareness of European issues

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