Umberto Triulzi


Umberto Triulzi

7 July 2022

Professor of European Economic Policy and International Economic Policy at the Faculty of Political Science of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome since 2002.

He has taught international economics at the Universities of Camerino, Perugia and "La Sapienza" in Rome and, from 2009 to 2011, was Director of the Department of Economic and Social Analysis.

He teaches on numerous postgraduate specialist courses and is a consultant to many national and international organisations and public and private research institutes.

In recent years, he has carried out research management activities in the sectors of economic cooperation and development (DGCS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), water policy monitoring (European Community, World Bank, FAO and UNDESA), development financing (UNIDO), internationalisation of SMEs and local development systems (MFA, ICE, Confindustria), criminal economy (Ministry of the Interior)

He is the author of numerous essays on international economics and economic policy, economic development and European integration and has published the following volumes:

  • Notes on International Trade Theory (La Sapienza, 1991),
  • Competitiveness of some Mediterranean productions on international markets (Edizioni SEAM, 1997),
  • From the Common Market to the Single Currency (SEAM Publishing, 1999),
  • Fundamentals of International Economics, with Veniero Del Punta (La Sapienza, 2000),
  • Incoherence in Development Cooperation, with P. Montalbano (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2002),
  • From Common Market to Single Currency (Beijing University Publishing, 2008),
  • International Economic Policy. Interdependencies, Institutions, Coordination of Global Governance, with Pierluigi Montalbano (Utet, 2006 and 2012),
  • Policies

Umberto Triulzi, after graduating in Political Science, studied economics at John Hopkins University and the London School of Economics.

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