Eric Pestel


Eric Pestel

5 October 2023

Eric Pestel became aware of his European identity during a 3-year stay in Japan, during which he set up a group of European students. This conviction has never left him and has guided his subsequent choices.

In 2019, it is behind the Pique-nique des européens and has initiated the Relais Paris Renew Europe, which aims to encourage dialogue between Europeans on the issues facing the European Union. It also runs the European Cultural Hub, a diary of European cultural and social events designed to help Europeans discover the culture and traditions of other countries, and to promote the contribution of European artists in France.

Professionally, after a career in corporate communications and international development, he co-founded a training institute from 2000 to 2020, based around a network of local trainers in Europe and abroad.

In 2021, he retrained as an analyst of European issues. He has co-authored a study on France's European policy since 2017 and several articles.

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