European Defence Policy

20 December, 2022



The Jean Monnet Association's meetings with a time for exchange on European defence policy How to get out of the contradiction between inter-governmental cooperation, the place of NATO and the common policy project?
Could the Monnet method be applied to European defence policy?

The conference will be opened by Henri MalossePresident of the Steering Committee of the Jean Monnet Association and based on the article by Ms Barbara Matta The post-Westphalian European Union trapped in the Westphalian Pan-European Space".

Stakeholders :

  • Barbara Matta
  • Henri Malosse
  • Dariusz Sobkow, former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the European Union

The debates will be moderated by Peggy Corlin, journalist and vice-president of the Association of European Journalists for France. Peggy Corlin, a specialist in European issues, writes for and . The conference is in English.

Watch it live on our YouTube channel.

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