Angela Mariana Corjos


Angela Mariana Corjos

5 October 2023

Angela Mariana CORJOS holds a Master's degree in Economics and Management of Healthcare Establishments from the University of Paris-Dauphine (PSL) and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Public Affairs, focusing on the French Healthcare brand and international cooperation.

Angela Mariana is in charge of national and international projects and is also a Tech Transfer Ambassador at the Institut Curie. She coordinates various partnerships and cooperative ventures at European and international level.  

As an expert on global health issues (particularly in the field of cancer), she actively participates in various working groups within the French Healthcare Association, UNICANCER International and others. She also specialises in regulatory issues for European and international doctors. She also excels at prospecting and negotiating contracts with industrial players in the healthcare sector.

Angela Mariana is a European woman steeped in three complementary cultures. Of Romanian origin, she lived in Italy before moving to Paris in 2008.

In addition to her professional activities, Angela Mariana is an active member of the Rotary e-Club Paris International, Maison de l'Europe, Association Expression de France and other social, economic and philosophical organisations.

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