The 18-20h of the Jean Monnet Association


20 October 2016

"The 18-20h of the Jean Monnet Association!

Debate evenings "The 18-20h of the Jean Monnet Association are intended to provide a forum for dialogue on topical European issues from the perspective of monnetist ". This is the spirit in which we organise, under the patronage of our President, Maurice Braud, meetings in Paris to contribute to the reflection on Jean Monnet's historical contribution to the construction of Europe and on the subjects that are currently being debated within the Union. 

For Jean Monnet, the founding father of Europe, it was necessary to " uniting people ". True to its method, we wish to bring a wide variety of people to the table to try to find solutions to Europe's current ills. In the specific context in which we live, the Jean Monnet Association considers that the debate on Europe must be relaunched in a different form than the one practised until now in order to find concrete answers to current problems. In particular, this means strengthening our European values and bringing solidarity between the EU Member States to life. Respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including those of persons belonging to minorities, are essential values that we can no longer ignore and must preserve, because they are under threat today. 

These conference-debates are intended to provide a forum for reflection around the presentations of specialists or personalities chosen for their contributions to major current European issues.  

You are cordially invited to participate in these European exchange evenings.

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